Over the Bounding Main

Stardate 4/10/2017 0300 (3am)

Writing this helps me stay awake. Yesterday was Sunday.  Day of rest.  We took some photos.  Encountered another Puddle Jump boat out on the bounding main.  Finely Finished is her name.  Big ocean.  You don’t frequently find other sailors boats.  They’re too small.  Freighters no problem. See them many miles off.  So, nice dose of “we are not alone”.

Crew is still not stir crazy.  Lynn’s galley art is still delicious.  Chris is not making anyone walk the plank. Rebecca is still loving being aboard a boat she is not so acquainted with. We are teaching her a few knots.  I’m becoming reacquainted with a few knots myself.  We took showers yesterday.  Instead of swimming.  The wind did not fail all day.  And as long as the boat is moving swimming is less than a good idea.  Almost too bad.  Water is 80 degrees.  Partly cloudy was welcome.   Swells and wind waves make for an interesting ride. Like riding a slow walking horse.

Tonight the wind is still there for us but our amps are down from making water yesterday.   So just now motoring to recharge the batteries.  Quite a bit more roll from the swell motoring but not a big deal.   Air’s about 75 degrees.  Cool if you are in the wind.  Didn’t expect to wear a jacket but here I am!

Today we will continue West.  Our team member Christian Holm in Montana who gives us weather advice says get West and turn south at maybe 120 degrees.  Subject to change as conditions shift.  Goal is to minimize exposure to poor wind doldrums conditions as well as minimize exposure to bad weather.  All inevitable but less of these things is certainly preferable.  When to turn South matters.

Apart from moving along west we will eat well again.  Dang!


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