San Pancho Sunset



Can you photograph a green flash?  My money is on No.  But there it was.  Blink and you’ll miss it!  We were here with friends Toby and Allison who are visiting from Seattle.  The joke is our Renton friends Melinda Lawrence and Katie Overbeck were in the next restaurant over taking pictures of the same Sunset we were.  We never did figure that out until all the photos got posted.  Small world or something.

San Pancho Sunset, Brilliant way to celebrate the defeat of the Talking Toilets!

The Attack of the Talking Toilets


The Attack of the TalkingToilets indeed!

Toilets on a boat don’t talk. Or rather they shouldn’t talk. And if they do they speak a language most of us understand as Odor.

There are 2 inch valves that drain the holding tanks. They were old. And they were leaking. Without going into too much gruesome detail, that makes the system malfunction in ways that encourage odor. I knew the valves had to be replaced. On my last trip to Seattle I went to Fisheries Supply in Seattle to round up the necessary valves and assorted other parts. Then to the hardware store to acquire an 18” pipe wrench. Really annoying as I just sold mine with the rest of our household goods. Bother. Then package everything up along with a few select IPAs that Mexico does not have, and travel on.

Step one was to drain and hose out the holding tanks. Maybe a little Chlorox to sweeten them! Hmmm… Maybe a little more….

Step two was to remove the TalkingToilets. Relatively straitforward.

Step Three was to remove the 2 inch hoses that leads from the holding tank to the old valve. Bugger that one as the hose is quite stiff. Even at 95 degrees. But we got that done.

Step four was to remove the valves themselves. Tricky that while the boat is in the water. Those valves keep the sea out of the boat. Remove them and you have immediate issues. So corks had to be put into the outlet on the hull of the boat. Its just below the waterline so a mask and snorkle are handy. Now you get Mr. pipe wrench out and go to town. The access here is rather limited. But one microturn after another and eventually the valves are out. And the sea is not coming in. The corks worked! Thread dope and new valves go on nicely. But still one microturn at a time. Dang! Its hot in the bilge.

Step five was to put the hose back on. Stiff bugger! Hose clamps. Now the corks are removed. No Leaks! Its a good day.

Step six was to reinstall the now mute toilets. New rubber parts all around for them. Clean the bathrooms and presto! Like new!

Thus quoth the Talking Toilets. NeverMore.