Stronger Than Hate and Fear


Enjoying my last Mexican IPA. Dig that Citrus note! And I ponder return to the US. Different note.

My country was great. Non white and non strait populations were making progress towards maybe even being allowed to have lives. We had allies. Our leaders were respected across much of the world.

Now we are not great. Immigrants from countries that never sent us terror have been targeted. Women are next. Then the LGBT citizens. Social Security Who’s next? Maybe anyone that dares complain about the rise of Hate and Fear. Hate and Fear have been on hiatus, but now they are back in style.

Our allies are evaporating. Except perhaps for Putin. Maybe we can have him and Dear Leader hold a military parade down Pennsylvania Ave as we unveil a statue of Putin. He’d like that. Congratulating Putin on his conquest of Ukraine. And indeed our own country by proxy.

Our Dear Leader is an international laughingstock as the rest of the world and indeed a majority of our own citizens heap well deserved derision on our POTUS. If he said anything True he’d probably melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

The US has become something ugly at home and abroad. I apologize to so many of my dismayed Mexican hosts for the madness of our POTUS. The rest of the world once respected us. Now they fear us and our mad Dear Leader more than Kim Jong-un. And they should.

It will be a cold homecoming.

We must be stronger than Hate and Fear.

And we must resist.