Updates from the vastness of the Pacific

I begin my 1-4am watch.  Moonlight.  Haze.  8kts breeze.  Jib only.  Making 4 kts.  Just enough.  Seas lumpy but not bad.  This matters.  If the sea is too lumpy and the wind too light the sails will alternately fill and collapse raucously as the boat rolls in the swell.  Really annoying state.  But for the moment it’s perfect. Mild roll and enough wind to fill the jib.  The sea parts to afford passage of our ship.  Whispering all about it at the bow, the beam, and the stern.  Nearly full moon peering down at our progress.

We are making more west than south.  Our weather amigo Mr. Christian tells us that is the best strategy to avoid stormy weather at the inter tropical convergence zone (ITCZ). That appears to be the strategy of the rest of the fleet as well.  I expect storms.  But if I can arrange for less of them instead of more I would do it.  See how luck goes on that.

We spent part of the day working on the bimini and cockpit shade canvas. The stitching has rotted through on the zippers.  Some blew out.   Interesting as I knew a bit about how to sew that.  Lynn knew some more.  And Rebecca knew the most.  But it took all 3 of us to get it done.  It’s a good day when you learn things from your team.  And I have so much to learn.

But that project meant much less shade in cockpit today.  Hide!  Good hat day.  Just the same I think I toasted my nose.  Forgive me nose.  Shade comes back in a few hours.  Sewing machine stowed.  V berth reassembled.

Pizza on the egg this afternoon.  Lynn made a salad, sliced up some squash, and made the pizzas.  I toasted the za and the squash.  Worked great.  Lunch was Pizza and salad.  The squash we had for a light dinner later with toasted Pizza crust and leftover slices.

Casualty.  I rewired the deck/steaming light before we left.  It worked.but I had to rig it a bit when one of the parts went for a last swim at the dock. That work around has failed. Still have a steaming light but the deck light is a goner.  Good thing the moon is nearly full.  Need to find another light and figure out how to get it to Tahiti.   Suspect this will be recurring theme…

9pm Vallarta time we tune in to the Puddle Jump net for boats out of La Cruz.  Tonight there were 22 of us.  Mostly everybody is doing well.

The wind is dying then recovering.  I am thinking about motoring a bit.  We need some charge.  Ran water maker for 5 hours today so we are light on electric charge.  Solar panels help but water maker is a consumer for sure. We are sailing on the wind vane.  That makes for less power consumption than the auto pilot.  Everything helps.  Engine now at 1255 hours.  I think it was at 1240 when I fueled up in La Cruz last week.  The gauge on the active tank reads about 90% full. We are doing OK but need to stay aware of fuel capacity. I try not to run the motor unless I need electric charge AND thrust.  Gotta love 2 x 1!


3 thoughts on “Updates from the vastness of the Pacific

  1. Love following your adventure. Your writing makes me feel like I’m there. I can feel the water, smell the sea and taste the pizzas. Be safe Captain Chris and First Mate Nancy!

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  2. Out at sea- things to fix. Sounds like your bliss. Thank you for posting. A world of people thinking wonderful positive thoughts for you. Keep your nose – shaded 😎❤

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