Sailing Bliss

Stardate 4/11/2017. 0100 (1am)

Lynn wakes me for my watch.  And I was sleeping so well!  She gives me an update as to what happened on her watch. Something did!  Neighbor boat called on VHF to chat.  Good for everybody. Keeps them awake.  I’m no good for that. Don’t talk much while I’m sleeping.  We are miles beyond nowhere.  And it’s a very nice space.

Boat cruising at 6 kts in 10 kts wind on a comfortable reach.  When I turned in at 2200 hrs I lay in my berth wondering at the music of the water rushing by the hull.  Feeling the rhythm of the waves as they do the bump with the boat.  Peace.

For my watch no visible neighbors.  I think i mentioned earlier thst visible neighbors are rare.  We have seen exactly one.  The wind has been pretty steady all day and all night.  And this should continue says our forecast guru.  When can we do this again?

Tomorrow will be different.  We skipped dinner yesterday.  Lunch was big enough.  So dinner for sure.  I’m going to make popcorn.  We have a bunch!  And showers.  For some reason nobody got one yesterday.  Not hot enough? Anyway saves water.  Diesel consumption has been moderate.  Should have plenty.  Going fwd need a bit to cross doldrums.  Otherwise just to make water and charge batteries.

Rebecca will be relieving me soon.  I love having her on board.  You meet a lot of people in life.  A very small subset of them you cross an ocean with.  Certainly not the usual.


4 thoughts on “Sailing Bliss

  1. Dear Captain Chris and Crew- Love reading the updates. I am amazed that when I check the progress of Spill the Wine, you are a green dot on a page of blue. I shrink the map and it is still blue, blue, blue. Wishing you nothing but fair winds. – Denise & the boys

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