Amazing Opportunity!

Attention all you armchair sailors. Spill the Wine will be departing Darwin for the 2000 (approx 20 days) mile strait west run to Cocos Keeling. And then on to Mauritius islands, another 2000 miles, and then to South Africa, a mere 1800 miles. Arriving SA in late October. Any of you hosers care to join on one of these legs? Your destiny lies just over the horizon. Interested parties please contact me at

13 thoughts on “Amazing Opportunity!

  1. I understand that the “Donald” is looking for a vacation from his high stress job. I think I will start a “go fund me page” to pay his way since I am sure he wouldn’t want to divert any of the governments emergency funds for this. I imagine you could teach him some “open water” skills like being the bait when you are shark fishing or repairing the top of the main mast in a hurricane. Another benefit could be that in a dead calm he could probably fill the sails all by himself.

    Let me know if this sounds good to you.

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  2. Hi Chris
    That would be an awesome open water trip . I went on Google Earth to check out Cocos Keeling. Beautiful little volcano island ring surrounded
    by clear blue water with white sand beaches and rocky shoals . There appears to be coconut plantations. In some areas the trees are lined up in rows. Unlike most Google Earth treks these take you down narrow paths and out over the waters by boat and along Sandy shores. Appears to be all mostly level ground . Road signage is all English . Except for the warmth, salt spray on my face and sand between the toes, I feel I’ve been there. Thanks for the dream buddy. Wish I were out there with ya mate. Have a safe crossing.

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  3. Oh MY, I just looked at COCOS KEELING and there is a lot of ocean between there and Darwin. Looks like they have a visitor center and an airport. Not much else, right?


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