Crossing to Australia

It was the best of times it was the worst of times. The crossing to Australia begins. There are more reefy bits on our way and we make plans to steer clear of them. At the end of day two some wind arrives, but not so favorable. It is coming from our destination so we are hard on the wind and into the waves. Which are not so big, thank you very much. Running full main, storm jib, and part of our regular jib. It’s working. But will work better when the wind moves more from the east. This is predicted. And we’re ready. Cue the windshift already!

This passage started with a nice whale goodbye from Chesterfield reef. Then the fishing for wind began. I can’t really complain. It was blue skies and little fluffy clouds for both motor days. Our heading is just west of south.

Then the wind filled in. 20 to 30 kts. Forward of the beam at first, then moving more to the east and hitting us square on the beam. Generally more comfortable than forward of the beam, but now the waves are on the beam too. I’m used to a lot of downwind sailing. Wherein the waves will roll under your stern. Which would be quite a bit more comfortable. But if you like an interesting ride, we’re getting one today. And the clouds have come threatening rain. But there’s none yet, just the spray through the cockpit from time to time.

We have read about the East Australian Current. It flows south just off the coast of, you’ll never guess, Eastern Australia! Seems we should find it soon, it would boost our progress. We’ll see.

As we approach the coastline of Australia I have to confess. I am torn. And I am feeling it. It’s physically uncomfortable. I am about to leave my 42 foot home. Not very excited about that. I’m going to be reunited with my wife Nancy. Now that is a great idea! But it will be in the great big Seattle. I’m almost phobic about returning there. It’s still a great place but I’m done with living life in that kind of environment. In the old days I had to keep a calendar to keep track of a million damn fool things I was doing.  I have not had to do that in over a year. And I don’t miss it at all.

Breath slowly. I’ve lived in the big world before. I can do it again. Long enough to figure out how to get away again anyway. Hold on tight for just a bit longer.

The leg we are just wrapping up was the most motoring leg ever for Spill the Wine. And we knew that would be this way. We should have waited a day or three for wind to improve. But there was that flight to Uganda on my Calendar.  No way around that.

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