On to Santo

Apologies for being away from the blog for too long.  I have some serious catching up to do.  Hold on tight as we pick up on the way to Santo.

We Departed the Maskelynes on the way to Luganville on Espirito Santo island. It was an overnight 100 miles to arrive at the village of Avunatari just short of Luganville. We left later in the morning. Lots of whales are on this path. But they don’t pose for photos.  Kat likes to fish.  On the overnight passage she caught a couple of tasty tuna sorts.20180806_184354825-1

Seasickness bites Simon a bit but especially Lukas. He actually started running a fever of 102.6 F (39.2C). Got our attention. As soon as we arrived at Avunatari we anchored and I went ashore to reconnoiter. Low tide and the cove was shallow so I had to walk.  Trying to keep Simon’s banged up toe out of the water to avoid infection.20180808_083457113_HDR

Not sure why I bothered… When it comes time for kids to throw rocks in the cove, Simon seems to think infectious beasties in the water be damned!!IMG_20180808_082040217_HDR

Friendly people on shore (such a surprise!).  And girls grow on trees!IMG_20180807_112612465_BURST001

And boys grow on boats.  IMG_20180807_105159113_HDR

And there is a bungalow hut style hotel. It’s time for Lucas to come ashore to recuperate. Kat stayed with him and in 24 hrs he felt nearly 100% better.

We had lunch at the lodging that day. Local food. I’m sure bananas were involved. The couple operating it were very accommodating. IMG_20180807_113217640

He peeled us a coconut. And the guy also ran a small grocery where we could get a few supplies, like eggs!

We needed some beer too. I asked a young boy where the beer store was. And he took me there. Where I bought a 6 pack from an even younger boy.  IMG_20180807_134429747-1

And a frozen treat for my guide. This is not how it works where I come from but I’m not where I came from any more. And it works here.

On the recovery shore stay, Kat and Lucas became acquainted with two young men from Belgium. We invited them to snorkel a wreck with us the next day and they were for it.IMG_20180808_085905826_HDR

As wrecks go it was falling apart. But the fish were cool. And it was fun to have fresh company.

Soon it is time to head for Luganville. It’s about 10 miles away. Not much of a crossing. Nobody gets seasick. :). We left midmorning and arrive about noon. There is a resort on the south shore of the channel that rents mooring bouys.  Lucas explores the cool trees on the beach. 20180809_145458817_HDR

We get tied up and go ashore for a nice lunch with proper fries. Luganville is on the north shore of the channel and we are moored on the south shore.  But there is a passenger ferry.  Which we take to Luganville. Supplies. Kat needs a dive torch. Some groceries. Visit the butcher. Get acquainted with town. We like Luganville.

The next day we miss the ferry so dinghy over to Luganville. This wrong side of the channel thing is getting old. After we get back from town we cut loose and take STW across the channel to the anchorage in front of the Beachfront Resort.  Much more practical for us.  Easy to find transportation to town which is only a mile away anyway.  Way easier to get my bicycle to shore here.  Its only 100 meters or so away.  Great bicycle island.  Flat terrain and town is about a mile away.

The services available at the Beachfront Resort are awesome. Restaurant, laundry, drinking water. And they really make you feel welcome. The first resort we moored at was only ok this way.   Three cheers for the Beachfront Resort!Image result for beachfront resort santo photo

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