When the clinic’s over, turn out the lights.

10/22/2017 We arrive to a zoo at the worksite. There are 250 people In the schoolyard. Why all came on the last day? Humans are unpredictable. It’s predictable. And they are larcenous. Several hundred sunglasses have disappeared from the locked room in which they were stored. Sigh. They weren’t the prettiest… 🙂 We see about 300 people that day. Nancy worked the automatic refractor and I did the eye health evaluation. In the afternoon i worked in the dispensary to match patients with glasses. That is always an interesting puzzle to solve. And doing it to the sound of bleating goats is quite odd. Days end and we break down the clinic. The bus is normal size but still too big to get through the village to the worksite. So we have to schlep all the leftover glasses a half mile to the bus. Oof! The town is interesting. The residents are busy with farming rice and vegetables. Goats roam all over the place. They have plenty of hogs running around. Water buffalo are tied up by the houses and are busy eating all day. These people live with their livestock. Their immune systems must be monstrously potent. The houses are constructed variously. A few are concrete slab with concrete pillars if there is a second floor. Many are dirt floor with woven sticks filled in with mud to make sort of clay walls. Some have walls of woven sticks. It’s one of the poorest places I’ve ever been. The children are as happy as any I’ve ever seen. As our bus crawled out of the village there was a naked boy dancing in the street and dozens of other smiling waving children to bid us adieu. The water buffalos did not wave.

2 thoughts on “When the clinic’s over, turn out the lights.

  1. Chris, who knew you were such a good wordsmith. I’m in awe of your word poetry. A painter of words, sharing your view of your world with your tales. I hope it inspires others to help the people thru your example. I’m proud to call you my friend, ya big goof!


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