Clinic in Guar Nepal


Day 3. All I can say is they came out of the woodwork today. Way busier than yesterday. But another good day. I ate lunch in the schoolyard with the goats. They like banana peels pretty well. Apple core were rejected? Who knew.

We have been watching farmers harvesting rice and rice straw. Today they brought in a machine like a chipper shredder maybe. It separates the rice from the straw then chops up the straw into bits that the water buffalo and oxen can eat. Keep it local!

Day 4. Even busier clinic today. Crowd control was better. The caste system is still here in Nepal and there was conflict since they all had to wait in the same line. But manageable. Some of us walked back to the hotel from the worksite. Very colorful tour!20171022_164259


Notice the young man in charge of the hogs.  On our walk we saw several of these kids bringing the hogs home for the night after browsing leftovers from the rice fields.20171022_164934

Sunset while walking down the dike.

3 thoughts on “Clinic in Guar Nepal

  1. So cool Chris! When the person needs glasses do they get a pair out of your stash, or, if those won’t suit is there a way for them to get the correct Rx? I have been wondering how it all works!


  2. They look a little squeezed in the line. Tradition or not, the caste issue makes me angry. I notice they did separate the women from the men. Can’t be too careful….


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