Separation from Fiji Anxiety Syndrome


We returned to the village this morning to wrap up a few more exams. Getting pretty low on reading glasses Mon! But we got by ok. Time to move on to Blue Lagoon. It is about 10 miles North. We weigh anchor and get moving. The light is right and we can see the shallow bits nicely. We sail up the West side of the Yasewa group with favorable wind. We are making water now that we are out in the open. Less than good idea to make water unless it is quite clear. That way the filters don’t clog so quickly. Bays usually not ideal. The Pacific crossing was!

Good wind makes wind waves. But the Blue Lagoon zone is protected. The wind might gust to 20 but the sea is flat. We anchor in about 60 feet and it holds nicely.

Quite a few boats here that we are acquainted with. We join them for dinner on shore. Interesting resort. Some kiwis run it and they grow nearly all their food here on island. Good idea, this place is 40 miles over water from the nearest supplies. Impressive garden system. They do some retail so we get some veges for Spill The Wine.


Relax today. Huub does a solo hike looking for artifacts from the Blue Lagoon movie. Nancy and I go ashore for a hike and then stay ashore for dinner again. Huub joins us, shows up with a bloody hand. Peeling coconuts with a knife appears risky. He’ll survive. Yesterday was Fiji Day and the place was packed. Today it’s pretty quiet. We have it all to ourselves. Nice contrast. We meet some friends of Huub. An Australian woman traveling with her daughter and her Spanish girlfriend. Nice folks. And that’s all the customers tonight!


We depart for the Octopus Resort. About 20 miles takes about 4 hours. Water got skinny when Huub was piloting. I had told him to follow the track we laid down on our way up the other day to stay in known safe water. He looked at the chart and steered east of our track because that looked safer. Today huub learned that the chart lies. Bonk! I can’t be mad I’ve done the same thing. I need a big rubber nose on the front of my keel! Maybe I’m serious. South Pacific rocks aplenty.

When we got to the cove the resort was in, it was blowing 15 kts and was not protected. Pretty rolly anchorage. So while the snorkeling was reputed to be quite good, not in these conditions. But we were in time for dinner.

There is a shallow across the reef. A young man named Sam (age 7?) Directs us to the deepest spot. Thanks Sam! Lots of young folks on the beach. This makes nervous. Frequently in this situation I might expect to return to the dinghy and find it full of sand. Maybe with some shell gifts too. Boats are magnetic for children I think.


After breakfast we made for Vuda Point Marina. Nancy and I depart for Nepal early on the 15th and I need to get Spill the Wine tucked in before we go. And the marina is first come first served. No time to not get served! We had to motor most of the way. No wind. Then it filled in for the last couple hours and we sailed nicely.

No more room in the circular basin that comprises the marina. I’ve mentioned before that this marina is unique. So after taking on 64 Liters of fuel we tied to the wharf and came ashore for dinner. Quite a few boats we knew from Mexico were present. Fun reviewing with them.


This morning we found a spot in the basin next to our friends Thom and Ted on Fathom. Tonight we cook up the refrigerator. Frozen Spanish mackerel will be the star of the plates. And will make great leftovers for Huub.

I gave Spill The Wine a good bath. Overdue but water here is available and free. Drama interrupts my cleaning. Boat next to us is leaving. They get hung up in my and other boat’s stern lines. The marina jockey helping assist their departure tells the captain to engage forward thrust. Cap politely declined as he is concerned he will wrap up his prop in the lines. Soon some maneuvers seem to clear the lines. Engage. Wrapped up for sure. Does this sound familiar? Same thing happened to me last week in this marina. But today it is not my turn to go diving in the soupy water. Yay!

Bad news is one of my stern lines got involved with this mess. Bummer. First it was the afflicted boat’s crew in the water, then the marina diver went at it. They got cut free ok. There were 3 different lines bound around their propshaft. When that was over, where did my line go? The marina folks went fishing for it with a wire hook on a pole. The found a very nice line. But not mine. Oh well. Close enough!

Packing. Not bringing much but it’s always a question as to what will I forget? Oy! I am bringing a jacket. Nepal may require that.


Today I wear pants and shoes. It has really been awhile!

Huub is staying on board for another day or three. I gave him instructions as to how to close the boat when he leaves. Defrost the fridge, chase out the spoilables. No cyclones while we are gone please! I’ve got another neighbour keeping an eye on her after Huub leaves.

Our taxi comes along at 630am and off to the airport. I could not help but notice that all the controls were in Chinese. I left to wonder… rental cars from China that have second lives as cabs in Fiji? What countries speak Chinese and need right hand drive vehicles? Hong Kong? Who knows. We remembered our passports and things go well. We arrive in Auckland and settle in for our 12 hour layover.  63 degrees.  We’re not in Fiji anymore.

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