Small bits of earth in western Fiji


We wake to gentle swell and almost no wind. Just what is predicted for the next couple days. And we have nowhere we need to be. A good day for reading in the cockpit. One of our neighbors comes along and invites us to a beach fire at 5pm. Ok. Maybe we do have some place to be.

Beach BBQ was fun. 12 really nice people. We brought the grill off the big green egg and toasted pork chops. Some guitar and we dinghy back to Spill The Wine.


Lazy morning. Almost. When the beams in the hull were repaired in Mexico there were a few less passages to allow bilge water to pass through the beams. Today I restored the missing links. The bilge should drain better going forward. We’ll see about that

We depart our little island around noon. Head south to Mana island. Wind is off and on. But it’s a beautiful day. We sail past the island where Castaway was filmed. No sign of Wilson. We arrive at Mana and the pass is not as it appears on the chart. And all the marks are the same color as they are backlit. This goes not well and we wind up outside the channel. Bonk. Good thing we were going slow. I’m getting over this hitting stuff thing. If you do a lot of boating you will hit stuff. Especially in strange territory. If you are really smart you’ll be going slow. Never been to Mana before. What I did not do and should have was use a little app that takes google earth images and puts you on em. Never mind charts. Navigating on photos isn’t so bad either.

Mana has a restaurant or two and we treat ourselves to a meal on shore. And sleep well.

We were planning on spending a day in the Mana lagoon but the wind comes on. And was predicted to hit 30 through the night. So we move on after lunch. Way easier to navigate the pass with the sun behind us.

We cross south to Qualito island and anchor off a beach on the deserted north side. Good protection from the south wind. We snorkel and then it’s pork chop night.

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