Musket Cove


Today is Hobie cat day at 2pm. Kat and I decide to participate. There is a lot of wind. 15-20 kts. 4 Hobie cats. Raced in pairs throughout the afternoon. We watch a bunch of heats before our turn. Many capsized boats due to high wind. I decide I will call it a success if we don’t capsize. And we don’t. But we were eliminated. Sigh!

Friends brought Mahi Mahi and we toasted it on the Egg for dinner.


Willow departs today. Taking the ferry back to the big Island then Taxi to the airport. Wave!

Tonight was briefing for tomorrow’s Race. Will we be ready? Huub and Kat cleaned the hull so we will go faster. Might work! Then costume like party at the beach bar.


This photo was from the opening night party.  all the nation’s represented had the amazing opportunity to sing their national anthem.  Naturally Nancy knew all the words.



8 thoughts on “Musket Cove

  1. Didn’t get the iooortunity to wish you and Nancy a happy anniversary. Congrats to you both. You sure know how to do it right! Keep up the beautiful work, you two. ❤️❤️❤️🍷🍾

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  2. A belated Happy Anniversary to you & Nancy. What a way to celebrate! Love that we can live vicariously through your blog. Might have to change that to reality one of these days. Finally back to work! Have the coveted FL license:)


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