All about Raro


Raritonga is still our new favorite island, but we have places to go.  We enjoyed their “Constitution Day” celebration.   Kinda like 4th of July without the Chinese fireworks.  This day they celebrate by dancing and singing or attending performances of same.  The women dancers wear the traditional grass skirt and gyrate at an improbably rapid pace.  The men also have grass skirts and perform an unusual move consisting primarily of having mildly bent knees and moving their knees close together then wide apart once again at an improbably rapid pace.  All this in formation of perhaps 30 dancers. Ukeleles guitars and Drums!  Oh My!  Very impressive.  Each dance is intended to describe some significant historical myth.  The audience clearly knew them all and knew what was next.  Lots of crowd participation.

We tanked up on water and fuel and food.  We ready.  But the weather is not.  After studying forecasts we decide to delay our departure by 4 days.  Just for fun some whales decided to cavort right outside the harbor.  Breaching and blowing.  I think it’s humpback season.

Rarotonga is a lovely place but not blessed with a lagoon of consequence.  In this context a lagoon is the space between the island and the reef. Bora Bora for example has a lagoon about a half mile wide in places. And deep too.  Rarotonga has a narrow lagoon that is never deep.  So navigable by canoe only.  This means less boats like Spill the Wine visit and no fuel dock.  This island did not come with a harbor.  Their harbor was carved out of the island at some point in the past.  Not too big. 200 foot freighters visited while we were there.  We had to move our boat aside to make room for the tug to spin the big ship in the basin.  Pretty exciting and damn close to us.

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