Niue (Pronounced Ni-Way)


Seas are up.  6-7 foot swells and wind waves.  Wind is up.  15-20 kts for the first 36 hrs. Which makes for great sailing but too bad about the swell.  We proceed with jib only and frequently not all of that.  The whole trip is fairly overcast but minimal actual rain.  We make good time at 5-8 kts and 26 kts wind astern for the next 36 hrs.  Then the wind dies and we start to motor.

The seas get pretty mild. So the little bit of wind is enough.  Trick is to keep the sails full.  I can do that with 3 kts of wind.  Unless there are seas.  The more waves there are the more wind it takes to keep the sails full.  So tonight with quite mild seas we are keeping the sails full with 11 kts on our port quarter.  And making just over 4 kts.  This will be our last night on this leg.  Expect to arrive Niue just after dawn.  And the Milky Way is laid out so perfectly from the north horizon down to the south.  Keeping the Southern Cross to port we make our way.


The wind built across the night.  Huub and I furled the main at 4am when the wind got to 22kts and we were making 8.  Strangely enough the ride was quite smooth at that speed.  We arrive and pick up a mooring ball.  And take a nap.  Then we do breakfast and inflate the dinghy.  Customs was easy here.  The dinghy dock is odd.  Concrete pier.  Crane over the side to hoist your dinghy.  Then you park it on the land until you return to your boat.  Small facilities and no beach (boulders only) make this necessary.  Kinda interesting to land this way.

Grocery store seems well stocked.  Except…. No Baguettes!  Lame sliced white bread!  The French never touched this place.  We stock up on everything because Everything is closed on Sunday.  Stores grocery restaurants, everything.  There are 1100 residents.  One stand down day a week is probably a good idea.

We had dinner at a local restaurant with Dan from My Dream.  He sailed here from La Cruz as we did.  Finally caught up with him here.

Rumors.  Of big wind.  Our cove faces West.  Forecast is for 30 kts out of the west on Weds.  That will hammer this little cove.  We might decide to sail around the island Weds.  Seeking shelter by hanging close to the down wind side of the island.  We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Niue (Pronounced Ni-Way)

  1. Wonderful to follow you, Nancy, and those with you intermittently! Fantastic to hear about the star filled skies, MilkyWay, and all celestial events that you mention. Thank you for sharing them. Will the “total” eclipse of the sun, August 21, be visible in your region of the world? Interesting to think about the effect it might have of the seas. Cheers & Best Wishes! Safe Travels, also!


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