I am on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. I admit I don’t know much about these Islands. I flew here because I was not keen on sailing here from Bora Bora. Chris and crew – Huub & Guillaume – are on their way. Hopefully, they will arrive by the time my reservation runs out.

I’m staying at a place on the north side of the island, with access to the beach, which is rocky, with very fine sand – if it is wet, I sink right in. Walking in the surf during high tide, black lava rocks, chunks of coral, and the occasional coconut hit my feet. It is unusual to find a complete shell of any size, as they would have to be carried over the reef without being slammed into the coral. The beach here is deserted. I spend hours alone on it.

I’m enjoying some decent internet access, hot showers, and the ability to walk around. I’ve made friends with locals & tourists, as well as with dogs & cats. The food is still awesome, and I found a decent bar J. I haven’t had my hair cut in four months. The women on the islands wear theirs long, and the manager here advised me that I shouldn’t trust them with my shorter hair. I should be a sight by the time I get back to the US.

I’m trying to look into my next step, which should be Tonga, or maybe Nuie, and then Fiji. There must be some of you who would like to join us …


10 thoughts on “Rarotonga

  1. Thanks for the update, Nancy. I love that you posted pictures. The furbaby is a cutie. Beautiful sunset and interesting beach. Enjoy.


  2. Ditto what she said. The one eyed cat should be a lesson to Milo that life can be tough. I’m gonna show him the picture. Have fun. I’m sure your hair looks fine. Better than mine.


  3. That kitty is a true pirate cat! He needs an eye patch to complete him. Sounds like a lovely peaceful place you are staying in. Enjoy!


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