Out the Dora Dora from Bora Bora


I took Nancy in the dinghy to the airport shuttle dock.  She made her flight and is on her way to Rarotonga in the Cook islands.  We leave here to join her Monday morning.  We being Guillaume, Huub, and myself.  Which will take us probably 5 days.  Maybe she’ll be happy to see us.  Guillaume went out to look for whales to photograph this morning.  We expect Huub to arrive Sunday night on the ferry.  I went for a bike ride around the north end of the island.  Anchorages look very attractive.  Nothing going on ashore.  Romantic? You bet.  Maybe Guillaume and I will stay in the anchorage one more night… 🙂

Few thoughts.

By reputation I kind of expected BoraBora to be touristy and lame compared to the other islands.  I’d have to say maybe but just a little.  The major hotels are all on the barrier islands.  The airport is on one.  I believe a large majority of the visitors never spend any time on the core island.  I think they are scooped up and transported to their hotels on the barrier islands.  So the core island feels a lot like the rest of the islands I have visited.  Very Nice.

There is a near absence of anything branded. I have not seen a Starbucks since I left Mexico. No Gap, Target, Costco, 7/11, Burger King on and on.  Almost all mom and pop businesses.  Interesting.  There was a single McDonald’s in Papeete.  I don’t miss these things.  Well maybe a West Marine would be handy….


Restless.  Guillaume went out to see if the whale watcher could get into a photo opportunity.  No luck and took all day.  But they did see Dolphins and rays.  All not lost.  I traveled the boat to the other end of the lagoon for a change of scene.  I met him onshore with the dinghy at 530 and he showed up with Hitchhikers from a neighbor boat.  They joined us for a night of singing at anchor with our other mates from Jandamarra.

I’m still running the dinghy on little green BBQ cans.  But I did hear from the dingy motor’s mfr regarding how to adjust it for Butane instead of propane.  That should serve well at our next island.  We are about done with Bora Bora for now.


Now we are ready.  Food/water loaded.  Fueled up.  Huub should be on the 430 ferry from Riatea.  I’d feel more certain if I heard from that guy today.  My house of cards is wobbling!  We’ll see.  It’s probably under control.  Nancy is in Rarotonga and I’m anxious to be headed that way.


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