All Moorea All the Time


This morning we woke up restless and moved to the next cove East.  Passe Irihonu on the north coast of Moorea is a narrow one.  And the anchorage area was small.  But we were the only boat so that was no problem. Interesting stuff on shore.  We walked to the local grocery.  They had AC!  And birds flying around in their store.  They were after the baguettes!  Sacré Bleu!

Nancy seared some fresh tuna.  Awesome!  stiff rain on the boat late that night.  I love that sound.


More restlessness.  We motored making power and water to Passe Tareu.  It provides access to Opunohu Bay.  Near the passe there is a shallower spot, ranging 20-40 feet.  For some reason everybody and their sea dog anchors there.  Probably 25 boats.  And the rest of the bay is vacant.  It’s kinda deep.  60 feet can be found.  Just a puzzle though.  Anchoring in a big pile seems odd.  Anyway we retreated to Cook’s Bay because they have groceries within reach of the dinghy.  And there are only 6 boats in the whole thing.  Nice.  I think it’s Pizza Night!


We are enjoying reading in the cockpit punctuated by the odd swim.  But today we walked over to the Opunohu Bay next door.  Gotta get physical sometime.  The sun didn’t get us.  Grateful for some clouds.

Physicality deserves food!  Some of the restaurants will come and collect customers in a van if you call them.  So we did.  Went to HolySteak.  I put on shoes and socks.  Its been awhile!  Predictably awesome.  They had some live music.  We are finding that a bit rare here.  Not like La Cruz Mexico at all.  Many restaurants there had music.  Interesting.


Today it was hike to the Tiki Park.  There are some archeological ruins up the valley.  Makes for a nice walk in the forest.  At some point we decided it was too far to go without water.  Will revisit soon.

We invited our neighbors from Southern Light over for horsdevours.  Which we devoured.  We met them previously in Papeete.  Nice bunch.  Their schooner was built by the captain.  From 69-72.  This is the 4th time he’s sailed her from New Zealand to Vancouver BC.  He’s only 75.  And his Sr crew is 76.  They have two relative rookies on board as well.  One with no experience.  One with a bit.  But they were a good team.  And they were tested. 60 kts max wind they saw on their 30 odd day passage from New Zealand to here.  They are all experienced now.

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