Return to Moorea


I can testify.   Les Trois Brasseurs has a fine IPA.  And the stainless steel guy delivered the repaired part last night.  nicely done.  Metali’nox Stéphane Gerand (689) 87 77 02 77.  highly recommended for stainless work and service.  nice pu and delivery!

Later in the evening we were back at the dock enjoying the night air in the cockpit.  A neighbor approaches us and asks if we have a corkscrew.  We are on a boat called Spill The Wine!  We have about a hundred corkscrews. We took care of him.

The sun came up and I could not help but notice that it had rained in the night.  And I had left the companion way lid open.  No Bueno.  The stairs from below to the cockpit are carpeted.  And mold was on their near horizon.  We cut up an old rug from our house for these stairs years ago.  Bruce the Dog had a tough time as the stairs are steep.  Carpet helped.  But he has gone by some years ago and now the carpet will be joining him in the great hereafter.

Next was off to the Mobil to collect the propane tanks.  They were ready.  A miracle.  Strap them to the bicycle and cart them back home.  Fill the water tank and check out.  Hasta La vista Papeete!  Back to Moorea.

The sail over was pretty smooth.  Partly due to minimal wind.  So we motored half way.  But I’ve got about a 3 month supply of fuel on board so what the hey!  Anchored in Cook’s Bay again.  So quiet.  So peaceful.  So dark.  Nice change as Papeete was none of these things.  But it was charming in other ways.

We feasted on grilled duck breast and French wine.  Another good day.


We woke this morning and there was an onshore 15kt breeze.  It had been offshore last night.  So now we are on the other side of our anchor and it’s kinda getting shallow.  We reanchored across the bay to hide from the wind and the shallows.  I’ll sleep better.

We have a Canadian boat nearby and her captain is coming over and I am getting ready to toast up a prime rib.  Meat selection at the grocery is interesting.  Prime rib and filet mignon.  Where did the rest of the cow go?


3 thoughts on “Return to Moorea

  1. Hello from the other side of the world.
    Pipe Dream is in Bermuda. 3rd boat to finish.
    Good to be offshore again. In a few days we’ll have a nice sail home.

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