Reaping Electrons


This is what a shore power connection looks like in French Polynesia.


Day of rest.  The heat really takes the wind out of your sails!  We visited a neighbor boat for happy hour.  They are in the middle of a round the world tour sponsored by their boat manufacturer, Oyster.  Fun people.


Things are open and I head to the electrical parts store.  And lo, they had what I wanted.  Miracle.  Even found some propane in a 16oz can.  Never thought I’d see one of those again!  Back to the boat and assemble the parts.  Detach the charger from the existing electrical system and mount a French style plug on the charger’s wire.  Plug it in and voila! 40 amps comes pounding into the battery Bank.  We’re not going to be at a lot of marinas but still, this is a handy feature.

I just spoke to the stainless guy.  He says he’ll deliver tonight at 730pm.  Awesome.  All the pieces are falling into place.

Tonight it is 2 for 1 at a local microbrewery.  Rumor has it they have an IPA.  We’ll just have to see about that!

5 thoughts on “Reaping Electrons

  1. Custom electronic connectors, welding delivered and IPA. Heck you’d never get that in the French colony of Rento’n! Accomplished sailor is just one of the skills needed in your tool box. But, you’re going have to haul ass if you’re going to make back in time for the 4th. Oh …………………….never mind. Best to you and Nancy. Allen

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  2. Always good to hear when a plan comes together! Can’t wait to get back on the water myself. Three more Racor filter changes and a resupply run and we just might make the July 1 departure date to Canada.

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