Tahiti Can Wait


Yesterday we finally broke down and mounted the outboard. It’s a long row to the pier! Especially upwind. And there is still a bit of propane left. We met neighbors today, Carl and Annie. Canadians that have been out for 2 years. They joined us for lunch at Ninamu Resort. This AUS guy built this maybe 15 years ago. 7 rooms. Very nicely done. And it’s on its own island. Still no sign of Gilligan. Lunch was smoked fish and salad. Beautiful! Such a fine day we missed leaving for Tahiti. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow. 🙂 The wind/sea predictions are all about the same for the next few days. Which is to say favorable leaning towards gentle. Should be perfect for Nancy’s first overnight passage. Ahem. Not like the last attempt. That one not so perfect…

13 thoughts on “Tahiti Can Wait

  1. I enjoy reading your posts, and look forward to them daily. Thanks for taking the time. I wish that there were pictures to go with them however. Have fun!

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  2. I am so happy and excited for you guys. I love your blogs, they’re fascinating and great. Love to see some pictures once you can upload to Facebook. Must be incredibly beautiful. STW is a great home!

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  3. Slow down, don’t move to fast, you’ve got to make the sailing last,
    Just kicking back in the blue lagoon,
    Looking for fun and feeling groovy,
    Ba da da da da da da, feelin groovy!

    Apologies to Paul Simon…

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  4. Julie Dausman (sailboat Kia Oro) just posted a photo of a very large fresh vegetable and fruit market at Savusavu Town, Fiji – full of “lemons, bananas, honey, ginger, pineapple and tomatoes” and it looked like a lot more. You’re likely headed that way at some point, so it sounds like a good place to stop.

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  5. Nice! Linda and I were in Papeete in January after our cruise from L.A. So you probably sailed right by the bungalow we were in the last two days of our trip! Fair winds and favorable seas!

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