Hot Bread Guy

5/30/17 continued.

We stop in to pick up our bread after 90 minutes but it’s not done. So we wait with the other customers.  Hot bread guy might be 25.  Shirtless with an apron from the waist down.  He could be the mayor.  Everyone must come to him for their bread.  (Photos later.  This internet connection will not deliver the bandwidth necessary for Hot Bread Guy!)  One patron waiting smokes cigarettes that he rolls from a package covered with skulls and the admonition “Fumé Tué” (smoke kills).  Half dozen locals set up a pleasant chatter.  I get some of their French.  Interestingly I understand islanders speaking French much better than people from France.  They speak more slowly maybe?  Some of the patrons collect 20 baguettes. He must have made 200. The local resorts no doubt like to serve fresh bread. This island runs on tourism and fishing.

We snag something else from the grocery. Then we walk towards the beach where we left the dingy. A guy in a pickup pulls up and offers us a lift. Turns out Serge works at a small resort just onshore from the boat. He suggests we visit his place and consider a tour/snorkel/BBQ. He drops us at the dinghy and I realize I have lost track of some of the groceries. Probably left behind. Serge insists on taking me back to the store to collect the items. And the store staff had them just like he told me they would. 🙂

I row us back to the boat in the dinghy I got from my friend Tom Hill (thank you Tom!) and we swim and enjoy a light dinner on Spill The Wine.


We row to shore for early lunch.  Find our way to Serge’s place Tikihau Village.  Great lunch and as good of internet access as I have seen in French Polynesia.  Not saying much eh?   Then back to the boat for swim, relax and attempt to get this blog updated through the straw of an internet connection we have here.  Be patient grasshopper….  🙂

8 thoughts on “Hot Bread Guy

  1. Wow, I am impressed!!! What a ride! Good on you Nancy for hanging in there I know​ I would be upchucking all over. Hope the rest the voyage to Tahiti will be calm . Cheers from both of us. 😎😎😎😎😎


  2. Great updates. Sounds like Nancy is joining in on the eating and drinking which is a good sign. Continue to enjoy!!!


  3. Good job Nancy! Sounds like you made it thru the bad water! I’m proud of you! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy!#


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