Yesterday was sheer laziness and reading.  Those days are good too!  Today was laundry.  Sheets.  Pillowcases.  Shirts.  Shorts.  No socks.  🙂

You wash in salt water.  Rinse in salt water.  Then wring out and rinse in fresh water.  Wring out again and hang it all over the boat exterior and let it dry in the wind without any of it blowing away.  There may be better ways to do boat laundry, I just made this up.  It worked. Then I took me poor rusty bicycle down the road to the bank.  The only atm on the island is by the airport.  That done I went a kilometer further and checked out what might pass as a hardware store.  Still searching for solution to propane tanks with US fittings.  Closed.  2pm.  Something like siesta when a lot of things are closed mid day is going on here.  I need to get in sync with the local rhythm here.  That search can continue another day. 

I stopped at another store and the guy there worked his limited English, I worked my limited French, and he introduced me to some Polynesian vocabulary.  After I got across to him what I was up to propane wise (figuring out a way to fill US propane tanks from French Polynesia Butane tanks that have totally different fittings) he shook his head and said enjoy Papeete.  That is the capitol of French Polynesia on the island of Tahiti.  He seemed to think that was the only place I was likely to find the adapters necessary.  S’ok.  I’m not out of gaz yet!  I think I’ll get by. 

I was hot by the time I got back to the boat.  And the lagoon was just as happy to see me as Nancy was.  A hot salty man became a cool one.

4 thoughts on “Maintenance

  1. Hey Chris, Is this something that I could pickup here and ship to you? All I need to know is what it would look like (specifications) and a shipping address. Oh, and say hi to Nancy for me.


  2. Papeete from we hat I saw will be as good bet. It is a thriving city and your chances look good for even fresh food!!!


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