Nancy in French Polynesia

The sun comes up every day at 5:30 am and sets at 5:30 pm. It seems to run backwards, until I get used to the sun’s arc across the north instead of the south. We spend our days not wearing much and not too occupied with activity. Mostly, we read. Once a day we go to shore for wifi, food, or just to be on land. After living in a condo more than 100 stairs above the street, I’m not getting much exercise here. It is 85 degrees, and so is the water. We drop into the lagoon when it gets too hot. There is usually a breeze. It rains occasionally, but never for long.

Everyone here is very friendly, greeting us with “Bonjour!” or “Ça va?”, even when they pass us on dinghies. My French is coming back to me, so it is easier to engage.

The boat has A LOT of food still on it – mostly beans (canned & dried). I’m told it will all have to be disposed of when we get to New Zealand, so I’m trying to be creative. The little grocery store has the basics, plus some lovely French delicacies. What vegetables they have are mostly frozen. We can’t figure out why they don’t grow them here. I really want a fresh tomato.

Living on the boat is easier than I expected. Mostly because I’m with Chris. We are both brown. Our hair is in a perpetual state of wind-blown – his is tipped blond. We have few needs or worries. It’s hard not to be happy. I can’t believe I’m really here.

I have a tendency to get terribly motion sick. Whenever I start feeling queasy, I take some medication we found in Mexico. After several days, I haven’t needed it anymore!

We are sitting in the cockpit drinking wine while Chris plays guitar. The stars are brilliant above us. I’m beginning to think I will try to sail with him to Tahiti instead of flying.

8 thoughts on “Nancy in French Polynesia

  1. I looked at the satelite pictures of the islands you are in and your track, the islands must be very narrow and low,, I can see many places where the water has cut accross them expecially in the areas that look like there are no buildings, off to the west from the cruise ship dock there is some bigger buidings one which looks like it could be a hospital and a small marina,, DId nancy fly in to the airport there,,, you two are living a dream… I hope your body has finally come to accept the motion of the ocean and you are able to continue the journey with Chris..
    live and love and be happy… SAIL ON

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    • They are funny islands Richard. From the sky they look like a cell under a microscope. All ya see is the cell wall or Barrier reef. The sea flows in and outhe of any pass. It also flows in and out via all those gaps between the islets. Crazy.

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  2. I’m so excited to hear that!! You are fast becoming a sailor. I got goosebumps when I read rt that you may sail instead of fly to Tahiti. Definitely DO I TRY. YOU WONT BE SORRY!

    Hugs and ❤️ to you both

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