Nice sail back east to Avatoru.  When we got there the chart marked some anchorages.  Um no.  Way too shallow, way too much current.  We picked a different spot.  I dingy to shore to see if there are eggs or yogurt.  Um no.  It’s Monday and the supply ship is due Friday.  Interesting way to run a railroad.  So we head back South to Tiputa pass anchorage.


Time to investigate the Aquarium.  Why not?  No one else is!  Short dingy ride to it.  Probably more fish than any other snorkeling spot I’ve seen.  Nancy wears a mask with yellow details.  The little yellow fish seem to like her perhaps as a result?   It’s a good day.  Dinner at a French restaurant deck overlooking the pass into the lagoon.  Even from there we can see many fish and many sharks.   And the menu is… Fish!  It’s what’s for dinner.

Boat chores in the morning.  Swimming and a trip to shore in the afternoon.  No aquarium.  Medium cruise ship brings 140 people and the aquarium is crowded. They left just before sunset.  Bean salad chez Spill The Wine followed by some guitar closes the day.


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  1. Sound like you’re have a really relaxing time. Nothing but sun of course. Did you know “G” and Melinda are going to be in Bali around the 7th of July for at least 10 days? Denpasar/Kuta area…

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  2. Sounds like you viewed the aquarium on the right day. Glad you both are enjoying the area.
    Visiting my Dad this week- he really enjoyed “sailing vicariously” via STW blog. Chris, my Dad said if you ever want an 81-year-old deckhand…😁

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