¡Hasta Luego!

The low season is creeping up on La Cruz. The festivals have passed. Gringos are heading to cooler, less humid places, – or like Chris, the South Pacific, – and the town belongs more to the Mexicans. Flowers are really starting to come out, as are the flies. There are clouds where it’s usually clear. And the pool is GREEN.  ew.

I’m organizing myself to travel tomorrow: Cleaning out the fridge. Getting laundry done. Saying “good-bye” to people & places I’ve gotten to know. Putting my temporary home in order. I know we will come back to this place sometime. No telling when, at this point. But I have LOTS of memories to take with me to Rangiroa, where my love waits for me. That makes leaving much easier.

8 thoughts on “¡Hasta Luego!

  1. Hey Nancy. Hope you have a safe and pleasant journey to Rangiroa. We are looking forward to hearing more about the this great adventure you and Chris are commencing. Happy sailing the two of you.
    PJ & Bing

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    • Hello Nancy. So sorry I left out if Hiva Oa. Wanted to see you in rangiroa but needed to get back. Please know my door in Winthrop/Mazama is always open for you.

      Hope you two have a wonderful time sailing around

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  2. Wishing you calm sea’s and fair wind. Your a brave, kind women to go sailing with Chris on his dream. Hoping for no “Mal de Mer” for you. Enjoy this great adventure!

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  3. Nancy, thank you for posting on the blog all the time. We enjoyed it. It sounds like you made the best of your time in La Cruz. Safe travels and enjoy your new adventure..

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