More Cruising


Slow news day.  Nothing breaks and there is nothing to complain about.  Decent wind for half the day.  Excellent motoring the other.   Spill The Wine has enough fuel on board to motor to Rangiroa.  Not the desired outcome but nice to know.  At the end of Lynn’s 9-midnight watch another squall catches up with us.  Passes quickly and leaves us with not much wind at all.   As I start my watch I contemplate stowing the jib and motoring.  Hmmm.  I’ll just round up something to read and see what happens.  The squall has left the sea a bit smoother.  And the wind fills in better than before.  Soon STW is sailing along quite nicely on jib only.  This makes reading much more of a pleasure.

We are making decent progress. 423 miles to go.  164 miles made.  Looks like 5/9 arrival. Hopefully Not at night!

Quote of the day:
It can be so fun being what you are.  Figure out what you are and enjoy that thoroughly.


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