Baguettes & Beer

I’m having déjà report here.  If this is redundant forgive me.


We radioed to check in as planned.  Our agent was expecting us.  We did not have our paperwork together however.  Bummer.  Nobody seemed to worried about it. My biggest fear was that they would tell me welcome and no beer or baguettes for you until late you finish check in!  We got back in to the customs office today and things went well.  Nice people.

Went to town for baguettes and beer.  Interesting touring the grocery stores.   Today tried to figure out what was wrong with the chart plotter.   It dawned on me that maybe resetting to factory defaults would help.  It seems like it did.   Sailing in here on my phone mapping app seemed kinda iffy…   but it worked!  Good to have redundancy in this category.

Rebecca has arranged to depart French Polynesia and find her way back home.  She was great crew.  Lynn and I encountered two people looking to crew to Tahiti.  Now we are trying to find them again to get them on board.  We’ll see.  It would make for more sleep for everybody if they came along.

In the meantime having fun with the neighbors in the anchorage.  No real hurry to leave but we have places to go and People (Nancy) to pick up in Rangoroa!


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