Land Ho


Today was lazy.  We figured out that our course and speed would have us arriving Hiva Oa  in the middle of the night.  So we just floated for a bit killing time and sleeping. It was another perfect day at sea.  Enough wind.  We timed our rest period for a moment when the wind died down anyway.  Now we are under a small jib and making our way to Hiva Oa.  About 30 miles out just now.

A chart plotter is a machine that helps us figure out where on earth we are.  It is quite similar to a plotter you might find in a car.  This was a convenient time for ours to die so it did.  Just before we make landfall.  Good news is we have an extra one.  We installed that after the evening net.  It seems to work but does not recognize the chart card for the South Pacific we have been using.  Bummer.  Something else to work on.   I love mysterious electronics!

Customs and immigration will be our task of Saturday.  We’ll find out shortly how much of that can be done on a Saturday.  Find a bank machine and and some land food.  See how much French I can remember.  And good luck stopping speaking Spanish already!


5 thoughts on “Land Ho

  1. Congratulations, Chris. Sailing to a tiny dot in the vast Pacific is an amazing achievement, and definitely qualifies as a notch in your belt. While you’re waiting to clear Customs, it might be interesting to hear how you feel about 29-day blue water crossings at this point.

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