It was a dark & stormy night


Today the seas were lumpy again but the boat’s motion pretty smooth.. some reading some napping.  A good day.   We are about 150 miles out from Marquesas now..  Mr Christian sends us a message that pretty much says hold on tight.  Good advice.

After dark the winds piped up to 20, 30, gusting to 40 knots.  Scuse me Ms Southern Pacific Ocean, you have our attention.  This ramps up and down for hours.  Kinda fatiguing. Running a small bit of jib.  And the cockpit canvas.  I suppose that’s a bit of a sail.

The net tonight was interesting: any boat near us reported similar conditions to ours.  But they whined about it.  We didn’t  –  somehow reassuring to know we were not the only ones getting clobbered.

We are at risk of reaching Hiva Oa tomorrow night.  Which will mean floating around near the island until dawn.  Night approach to an unfamiliar Harbor is a great way to find rocks. Not that I’d know anything about that personally…. 🙂  Maybe we’ll just go slow tomorrow.  Be an interesting change from tonight!


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