Not there yet …


So early morning just after my last report was an interesting one. We were sailing along on my watch on jib only.  About 12 kts on port quarter.  Wind begins to build as my watch closes about 2 am.  So furl the jib and motor to keep things simple for the next on watch.  Expected the wind to continue to build.  Well it did.  And rain came with.  Horizontal gusting to 35 kts.  Still motoring along.  Rebecca is on watch. Lynn is sleeping and I go down too.  An hour or so later Rebecca gets me up because the motor died.  Same issue.  Some debris from the tank has clogged the hose. Thank you John Davis for the tour of the repair.   Blowing it out as before works.  I have to do this again a bit later.  And the seas are big.  The boat is flying in all directions at once defying all laws of physics.

Really the boat was moving along as if it was built for this. The humans were the ones coping.  We did what we could.   And no one wants to go to bed.  This is bad.  Keeping everybody up all night makes for everybody worthless and cranky tomorrow.  And no number of people staying up will change the weather.  Its getting near dawn anyway.  We start rotating thru sleepers.

I expected the rest of Wednesday to be easier.  It was.  Some squalls tried to get us.  But were not very successful.  Wind wound down later in the day.  Late evening we are probably getting 2 kts wind.  And we motored in seas that remained lumpy from the winds of the afternoon.  Dinner was the last green thing we had on board.  Mashed potatoes and chili rellenos.  Fantastic. About midnight the wind filled in 13 kts SE.  Sea state much smoother making it easier to keep the sails filled.  We are a sailboat again!


4 thoughts on “Not there yet …

  1. The ocean will always take it’s revenge. I thought your cruise was too comfortable so far. Good thing you only have 2 or so days to go.

    Just as an aside, I had First Light out with green crew on Commencement Bay in 25 kts last night. Two little hancerchiefs out for sails and still doing hull speed. Got a little wet and cold but all had fun.

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