On this heading to the West lie the Marquesas


Dawn breaks with high expectations of vast amounts of Solar Power pouring into the battery.  But no.  Color the sky cloudy.   Sailed in and amongst many squalls all day.

Lynn took the morning watch.  Rebecca made bread in the pressure cooker and stew after that.  I tore up the bilge pump because while it made encouraging noises, it had ceased functioning beyond that.

Lynn’s watch was more than a little rainy.  Winds remained moderate however.  Rebecca had great success with galley art.  I found a piece of fiberglass debris that had choked the bilge pump.  Upon removal the bilge pump was so happy it resumed removing water from the bilge.  If you can keep all the residents of your boat happy, both human and machine, good things happen.

After a day of squall avoidance it got dark.  Who would have predicted that?  And it got harder to avoid squalls.  I predicted that.  One was quite dramatic.  Gusting to 35kts.  And raining sideways.  We’d seen this coming and we’re motoring with the sails furled.  Less surprises that way.

We motored until midnight or so.   Not enough wind to keep the sails full in the face of pretty significant swell on the beam.  It’s OK, we  are charging batteries.  And we still have about half of the 90 gallons of diesel we left Mexico with three weeks ago.  Expect to arrive Marquesas in just over two days.   That would be Friday morning.  350 miles left and we make about 120 per day.  Making 5.5 kts just now.  Probably midnight Marquesa time.  No stars.  NW style overcast.   Nice 12 kts wind on our port quarter.  Temp 79 but with the wind I’m wearing a jacket.  A beautiful night.  No squalls in sight.


5 thoughts on “On this heading to the West lie the Marquesas

  1. Oh, the joys of boat repair…you’ve had your share but obviously nothing that Capt’n Chris couldn’t tackle. At least the “bilge crawl” drill keeps you in shape!!! Wishing you safe and fun sailing to landfall.

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