Back to our regularly scheduled program


Rebecca took over the sewing machine this morning and resewed the seams that had failed due to UV damage to the thread.  Just in time for Shade! Gotta have mid day.  Thank you Rebecca!

The search continues for the missing charge controller.  Has it been swallowed up into the charge controller protection program?    I’m finally defeated.  Just can’t find the darn thing.  Which means burning more diesel.  I’m starting to wonder if we have enough.    More coffee.  Must think!  Maybe I’ll look one more place….   oh,  there is!

Now to install the charge controller.  I look at the old unit.  Mark some wires.  Take some photos.  Then I have to cover the panels.  If they see any sun at all they create voltage and make amps available.  To charge your batteries or to shock you.  They’re not picky.  We use the cockpit cover to shade the panels.  Not quite completely but it won’t be too shocking I’m thinking.  Back down into the zone of electrics.   Did I mention that it was kinda warm and kinda humid?  I try not to sweat on the wiring.  It wires up fine and seems to work.  We uncover the panels and some charging is happening.  I check temperature of the connections to make sure none are getting hot.  That appears to be what killed the last unit.  All terminals 90 degrees. Good.  We sail into another squall patch.  Radar shows the storms pretty nicely.  We pick our way through the storm cells with very little drama.   As it gets dark the storm zone appears to be finished.  Perfect timing.  Success rate dodging storms in the dark is not so good.

Sea state is creating a lot of roll to the boat.  Even with 10 knots wind I can’t keep the sails full.  Rig is really getting beat up.  Good time to motor and finish charging the batteries.

No flying fish tonite.  So Lonely!  🙂  Maybe tomorrow I can get some reading in.


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