Just about …

NOTE from Nancy: I did not mean to mislead anyone into believing that photo of the green flash was taken from STW. It was “borrowed,” in case people have not seen one.


Today we enjoyed our last Sunset in the northern hemisphere.   It was a good one.  Really curious what the sunset will look like upside down tomorrow.

Good time to thank my onboard crew Lynn and Rebecca for signing on to this campaign.  And my shoreside crew Nancy, Mr Christian, and Relaena.  To make a trip like this happen, it takes an asylum…. VILLAGE damn it VILLAGE!   🙂

Today’s wind was pretty steady but not generous. Mr Christian told us to expect just this.  Nearly flat seas as a,result.  But there was swell.  Maybe 30 secs peak to.peak.  it’s like sailing over rolling hills all day. Beautiful.  Pretty lazy day.  I spent today reading a book about crossing the Pacific Ocean as we crossed the Pacific Ocean.   Kinda weird.  I had ambitions of looking at electrical questions today.  But tomorrow will have to do.

We are preparing to cross the equator. Should be about dawn. An event to be celebrated indeed!  There are two kinds of people in the world.  Those that have Not crossed the equator in a boat (“squid” or “polywogs”) and those that Have (“shellbacks”).  Remember that traditions like this were invented by people that were at sea for a long time.  So reasonable questions like “WTF is a shellback?” or “polywogs don’t live in salt water” are pointless and will get you a quick flogging on the Lido deck at happy hour.  Or maybe a Plank walking.  Still trying remember where I stowed the Plank….

I have certainly enjoyed the Northern Hemisphere.  Let’s see how the Southern half lives.

4/22/17  6:30 am PST

0 deg 0″ 0′, with Venus & Mars as our witnesses.


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