4/20 & 2 Degrees To Go


I want to be sure to mention that my wife Nancy Patterson is keeping the blog postings current now that I am off shore with skinny communications.  Thank you Nancy!  The whole blog was set up by Relaena Sindelar.  Thank you Relaena!

Something about 4/20/17 just cheers me up. Shortly after dawn this morning we were making 5.5 kts on gentle swell and perfect 12 kts of wind.   ICTZ behind us and 217 miles to equator.  Mr Christian tells us winds will drop significantly between one degree N and one degree S.  For now we are doing fine.

Dolphins greeted Lynn this morning as Rebecca and I were sleeping.  We are running the motor this morning not for thrust, just water and charge batteries.

We have three eggs left.  I see Granola and pancakes in our future.  Lettuce consumed.  Spinach lasted only a few days strangely enough.  Usually does better than lettuce, but not this time.  Some fresh green beans are still with us.  And some squash.  Canned beans on the horizon too I’m thinking.  Haven’t run out of chocolate although it is kinda melty… 🙂  The sky is populated with benign little fluffy clouds.  My dad grew up on a farm in Iowa and would call those “sheep in the meadow” clouds.  Sea temp is 84.  Air is… 84!  Voodoo!

Spa day was yesterday.  Sandpaper and lotion can change your feet.  Who knew?  Rebecca fixed mine so they grip the deck better.  Cost extra but the marketing was irresistible!  Something about sipeing.

Should be another brilliant day on a big Pacific Ocean.  A thousand miles from nowhere is exactly the place to be.


4 thoughts on “4/20 & 2 Degrees To Go

  1. Hummm…..squash and canned beans in the green egg…what? No ham? ?? Since you didn’t approve of my suggestion of filling your miniature freezer with jello shots, maybe the chocolate would have been better in there? Glad you are doing well and thanks for posting. We love hearing from you and just knowing where you are.

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