Smooth Sailing

4/17/17  **DELAYED POST** because scribe Nancy has been entertaining guests from Seattle 🙂

Today nothing broke. No projects. Read. Sail pretty easy day. Wind behaved. Mr Christian continues to track us for best wind/weather.

For now we are heading south along the 125 degree 30 minute longitude. We are as,far south as 8 degrees 25 minutes. Advice is that we continue to 7 degrees North then either continue strait south or maybe bear off SW. Depends on which way the wind blows at that time.

For now it’s dark. The moon comes up later every day. Bioluminescence is brilliant in this kind of dark. And it’s warm. Jackets at night are history. That we needed them at all surprised me.

Tomorrow let’s plan on nothing to fix again. Worked out well today!

4/17/17 – Later

We are beyond halfway.  Mr Christian reports we are dodging lots of storms on the course he has recommended.  I believe it.  I looked out at sunset and there were rain squalls to east and west and largely clear to the south.  We’ll get our share, and no more I’m hoping.


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