15°N 117°W

Stardate  4/12/17 0100 hrs

It was another good day. Plenty of wind on 4/11.  15-20kts from behind building through the day and fading a bit after dark. The seas build for a very athletic ride. Not as interesting as what we saw off cape Mendocino in California in 2015, but it gets our attention.  I don’t worry about the boat in these conditions.  I worry about people rattling around inside the boat.  We review the importance of holding on while moving about in the boat.  Weather was overcast.  Yesterday too but it was thin.  So the moon lit up the night.  Nice to see in the dark.  Tonight not so well lit.  Clouds thicker.

We did some study on eye splices today.  You just never know when you’ll want an eye in the end of a line.  Then I remade one of my lifelines that had gotten loose.  Two years after it was made I was able to dismantle and adjust the splice.  Kinda surprised.

We listen to radio net nightly.  All the Puddle Jump boats report their position and weather where they are.  The past two nights the quality of the broadcast has been kinda not good.  I hear this is normal for these ssb radios.  Good days bad days for reception is normal.  When you are listening to someone a thousand miles away it’s probably not going to work all the time.

Mr. Christian’s weather advice is keep moving West.  South better later.  OK. Wind favors that.


5 thoughts on “15°N 117°W

  1. I watch your maroon dot advance across the massive expanse of blue on the where we are website. My mind sits with you three as I commute to work, as I stretch in yoga, as I visit my parents… I like hearing about the rhythms of boat life.

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