My Oldsmobile 442


Drinking to the health of the Oldsmobile 442.


We met in 1991. It’s been quite a run. She brought me to WA in 1993 and towed my 66 VW bus full of all my happy crap from Ohio. But now it is time for her to run down somebody else’s road.


Nancy and I are shrinking our world down to the size of a sailboat. And the Olds does not float. We had a photoshoot today for the auction. I drove her around today in the 30 degree weather. Thank God for the sun! What a blast to drive! Yes I had the heater on full.

Long may she run.

6 thoughts on “My Oldsmobile 442

  1. Hi Chris, We want you to know that your 442 went to a good home. We are loving her and taking good care of her. She has been to two cars shows so far. Where can we send pics to?
    Have a great time on your new adventure.
    Jay and Michelle


  2. Hi Chris, your blog got Don s attention first thing! When he saw 442 Olds! He said he had one!! Loved it! Thanks for sharing info about blog we are now living vicariously through you!

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    • Welcome aboard Eula and Don. The 442 was sold to a woman in California. She and her husband have been having fun with car shows, so the 442 is getting out! I think they read the blog as well.


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