Thank You Jesus

img_0851I was trying to trick this local into wearing my hat. Let me tell you, that did not go well! No interest at all. But pizza crust? Anytime.

This was loser day for me. Left my bag and guitar in our guide “Jesus”‘ suburban. Then visited Jeffrey and Jeanne Forrey at Vallarta Torres. Pretty sure I did not lose anything there. But I  had not figured out that my bags were still on tour.

Stopped at the boatyard to close the windows as rain was predicted. Bags’ missing condition identified. Fortunately they were recovered from Jesus our guide. Thank you Jesus.

Bags in hand and taxi to La Cruz. Driver was fun. He used to work at Vallarta Torres and told me to say hello to Abraham. At La Cruz he wanted to check out my little backpacker guitar. He and I played a couple things in the street and said goodbye. As he was getting into his cab, Lynn says “jah get your bag out if the trunk Chris?” Now there’s a good idea…

Later on in the house we decide it’s wine thirty. And I realize that the last place I saw my phone was in the cab. For the love of….

OK, turns out cab driver knew Jesus. And delivered my goods to him. And I got a personal email from Jesus. He does that for losers.

I just picked up my phone this morning on the way to the boatyard.

Thank you Jesus. He saved me again.

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