Super Moon for Company Tonight

Dawn of the sparrows! Guess it’s boat wash time again…

I met a couple of guys in a catamaran here at the dock… a friend of theirs had purchased the boat as it was retired in the charter Fleet in the British Virgin Islands. They are in the process of moving the boat from Costa Rica to San Diego. Lots of interesting mechanical issues are keeping them busy… the boats charter career took a toll.

Checked out of Marina Mazatlan at 0900. Ran into Steve and Marilyn from Tocatta. Good to see them again. They’d just arrived and were bending their sails back on just this morning. I remember that feeling. A good one!

Left the dock at 0930 and motored out into the estuary. I remembered to put on the rudder for the windvane pilot. There might be enough wind for that later, who knows. And putting that rudder on in a seaway is tricky. Best done in still water.

Motored along until 1100. Then an onshore breeze filled in and sailing I am. Making about 4 kts in the morning.


Wind piped up in the afternoon for 6 kts. Not going to break any records but it is a very nice day sailing along and riding the swells.

Later in the evening the wind fades and it is time to motor. Good timing really and I make a salad and light the Big Green Egg. New York is on the menu. I found some smoking chips in Mazatlan. Ran out of those awhile back and it was tastier than it had been in awhile.

Sea state gets lumpier and the ride is not having such a predictable rhythm. Too bad but the dishes are done and it is not a problem.

Spending the entire night in the cockpit was unfortunate. I am still looking for a posture that can be comfortable for such a duration.

Super moon for company. Only the brightest stars can be seen due to the serious moonlight. And visibility was excellent! No boats sighted all night.


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