San Jose del Cabo Arrival

Job one, chase birds off the bow before they “tag” my boat. Hooligans! Or Frigate Birdigans as it were.

Dawn finds us on a wide open Sea of Cortez. Fried eggs, bread, grapes, coffee. Ready for the day! Bill and Barbara toss out the Meat Line. Will we have fish or steak tonight? Or both? The Egg is hungry! Steak it turns out.. We stopped to go swimming after snacking a lunch. At 86 the water is quite nice. Steaks, sauteed bell peppers with onions, ice cream.

A sliver of a moon is going down at midnight as I write this. So long Pal, it sure gets lonesome here!

Motored through the night. Sea state was just right to create a big crash as STW fell off the face of a wave occasionally. Sometimes so dramatic that it sounded like we hit something. But nothing there.

October 7, 2016:

Just at dawn about 8 black dolphins came to join us. Diving and rolling at the bow. Then it was time for breakfast. Eggs bread honey grapes coffee. I love breakfast! Wind picks up to about 8 knots for a beam reach. Still motor sailing but motion is better. 30 miles to go.

Should get to SJD in 6 hours at this speed. That would be at 3pm and in time to check in.

And it was so. Reports Barbara: “Made it to San Jose del Cabo, 4 day crossing, light winds. Sailing at night was enchanting, did 3 hour watches, stars and the Milky Way were awesome.”

And dinner at the marina cafe was tasty!


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