Exploring Isla Isabel in Mexico


At dawn we are very close to Isla Isabel and soon anchored. Barb fortifies us with scrambled eggs with bell peppers and tortillas. We inflate the dingy, put the motor on, and schlep the crew to shore.

We walk the beach for a bit. This place should be called Isla Iguana! Plenty of those in all shapes and sizes. There is a caldera on this island from historical volcanic activity. Fishermen live in huts on the beach. We ask them about where the trial might be and they are very helpful and get us pointed in the right direction.

We try not to step on too many iguanas as we make out way through the huts. Then we are hiking through the low jungle. Bill steps on a fair sized snake on the shady path. Ooops!

This is a bird sanctuary island. Frigate birds are a big part of this. Many of them are in constant motion wheeling over the jungle canopy. Those that are perched in the trees make the most ominous croaking sound as they notice our passage.

Blair Witch Project audio and visual. Spooky place to visit. Thank you Naomi for the suggestion!

We find out way to the caldera. Which means fresh water. Which means mosquitos… Oh well. At least they are friendly. In a mosquito kind of way.

We soon find our was back to the beach and swimming behind the boat in the cove. The shore excursion… did I mention it was hot. Perhaps a little humid! Familiar conditions by now. And this all makes the swim that much sweeter!

Then we are hoisting anchor and off to the west about noon. The wind is not from the ideal direction, but there is enough, so we sail towards the sun on a zigzag path.

Chicken roasted on the Big Green Egg is on our near horizon. Always something tasty on STW!



There is a prison island in our path this night. We make sure that we steer clear of that. Bad place to pick up hitchhikers probably…

I took the 1am to 4am watch. I pulled out my electric guitar. It is hard to tune for some reason. Nothing new. Been like that for 25 years. But I have a little box that makes it play into headphones. So no noise to disturb my crew.

A little hard to play in the dark but worth the trouble to play for the stars.



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