Bob and Barb and Bill Come to Visit


Bob and Barb arrived in this afternoon and I met them at the airport. We retired to paradise village and let them catch up from travel. We hid out in the mall for dinner and studied the weather. Trying to figure out whether to go straight to San Jose del Cabo or whether we should go north first, then west, or west first, then north… where are the winds more favorable.

There are programs that will offer you opinions and options based on weather predictions. But sometimes they bring up as many questions as they answer.


October 3, 2016:  

The crew makes a run to Costco to provision in the morning. Supplies stored on board. The fridge is FULL! Big cooler with ice is also part of the formula. Won’t last the trip but by then maybe there will be more room in the fridge.

Bill arrives in the afternoon. I met him at the airport with a small cooler under my arm… Nothing like a cold drink upon your arrival in a HOT place!

Crew gets acquainted and we do more puzzling over what the weather offers. Still no obvious path. I stopped in to see Andrew and Naomi for a review of what they have seen in the Sea of Cortez. They recommend visiting Isla Isabel about 75 miles North. Now we have a path!


October 4, 2016:  

We clear out with the Port Capitan and pull out of the slip at 0940. Andrew and Naomi come down to wave goodbye and gave us a couple loaves of banana bread made from bananas from their yard. Tasty and wecome! These are delightful people well met.

We sail by Trident and Dennis pops out of his boat to call “Good Luck Young Man!” He keeps calling me that. Gotta love that guy!

We motored North in minimal wind all day and keeping watch in shifts through the night. Barb sets us up with delicious shrimp tacos.


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