So tonight I encountered Nora again. We have met before but the more often you encounter people the better you know them eh? She is 88 and lives on her boat. From England so accent a bit off. Hearing is a bit off too. Husband passed some years ago. And now she resides Paradise Village marina living on her boat.

Her friends all tell her to ditch the boat and get a condo. She is not very excited about this. She has lived in condos/houses all her life and is so done with that. She wants to live on her boat. And she will tell you this. Not hard to communicate with Nora. Just don’t speak softly.

Nora got a new hip about a few weeks ago. So she is a bit wobbly. Drinking a bit less wine than usual perhaps. She is accompanied tonight by her friend Heather. An 8 year Condo Dweller who met Nora God knows how. But they get along. And how could you not. Nora is Nora. I asked her if she ever met a man named Gatsby but she changed the subject.

Nora is concerned that she is running out of money. Lots of people are. Sometimes for reasons, some times not. Anyway Heather encourages Nora to write her memoirs.

Nora reports that she worked as an agent with a company representing various Hollywood types. But after a few months of that many of her clients threatened to quit her because they were not comfortable with the policies of her employer. So she decided to open her own firm representing stars. And it went well with a nice office on Rodeo Drive.

But now she is feeling like she is short of cash even if Mexico is a reasonably cost effective place to live. This is the tip of the iceberg of a very interesting life.

Her friend is absolutely correct. She needs to put these stories into text and publish. A life well lived and the tales to prove it.

Nora. Lived long and well. May you prosper.


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