Another Day Another Bunch of Hoses

I thought sure I was done with the black water project. But just noticed that the vent hoses need to be attached. This probably matters. But its 95 degrees. Maybe Mañana!

I did get the SSB antenna rearranged. It is mounted up on the backstay. The feed wire I ran down along the backstay and into and through the arch that holds the solar panels. I thought that was clean and clever. But it was also wrong. Doing it this way makes the arch part of the antenna. So your broadcast signal is incoherent. Like I need help with that!

hoses-2The fix entails keeping the antenna 3 inches or more away from the backstay and the arch. Running the antenna feed through the arch would be a Violation of this principle! Pic one (top right) is about my cleverness with the through the arch plan. Pic two (at left) is about the fix once completed. Pic three (down below) is about the feed cable at the base.

Inside the boat today I hooked up the interior antenna connections just inside the connector you can see in pic 3. Sounds simple enough. I hope you like soldering a ring connector on in the aft corner of the boat at about 100 degrees with no breeze! So that completed the antenna project anyway.

And afterwards I showered on the swimstep because I was completely soaked! Barring any lightning damage I hope I never have to do that again. But I know better.



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