Back in Nuevo Vallarta

The first photo is as she lies upon my arrival. The second is after a brief makeover… look closely damn yer eyes! Can ye not see the sails and life raft ha’ been made ready?

I arrived Sunday September 25th. I’d been home fixing the hell out of all sorts of house stuff. And now I’m back in Nuevo Vallarta to go to town fixing the hell out of all sorts of boat stuff. Bring it on!!!

Shortly after I arrived at the marina the sun went down behind the condos to the west. Perfect time to bend the sails back on Spill The Wine! It was hot, but not as hot as it was in June. It was 95 daily. And there was some humidity maybe… 🙂 I think we are under 90 degrees today. Still a good day to drink a lot of water.

The sails have been floating around the inside of the boat since June. Didn’t really want to leave them up in the air to bake in the UV without otherwise being deployed. But they are BIG! So at night I have been sleeping with the sails. As much as I love them, I don’t miss sharing a bed with the sails. And they look good on the boat! She looks naked without them. But she won’t be cold down here.

Monday it was time to move on to finishing the holding tank hose replacement. Welcome to the Bilge! You’re gonna D D D D Die in the Bilge!! And it is the hottest place in the boat. And did I mention no breeze? Makes me thirsty just thinking about it. But that is a done deal. Ten more years before I need to do that again? I hope so.

Electrical parts carted down from the US. Stowed. Deflated dingy. Out of the salon. Bicycle. Out of the salon. There is a lot of room in the boat all of a sudden! Rode said bicycle down to the marina office to alert them that I will be departing 10/5 or so. That goes well.

Today back to work on the SSB. A sort of Ham radio. Regular VHF radio is 20 miles max. SSB is thousands. Out of the Bilge and into the Breeze if there is any….


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