Leukemia Cup Seattle 2016

A bit more wind would be nice. But there are still plenty of hosers behind us!

Something I am finding very interesting as I walk down the various docks that I have traveled while bringing the boat down to Mexico. There is a lot of Cancer on the dock. Different sorts. Much higher incidence that in the general population.

Does Sailing cause Cancer??? Kinda doubt that.

Do people go sailing because they survived Cancer? I might even fit that pattern myself.

Makes me wonder. What else do survivors do besides go sailing… If Cancer was wiped off the map… Would the number of sailors go down? There might be a few too many…. So Lets Cure Cancer and solve the Excess Sailor Problem (ESP)!

I’m not much of a researcher in the Cancer field. But I can raise a little money to fund the project. With Your Help! I’m still matching donations. Anyway consider chipping in for 2016 if you have not already. And I will prepare to Match! Lets step Hard on the ESP!



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